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Difficulty: Random
  • When people are scared of a recession, they decrease their spending in order to save. This then causes an actual recession. Do you agree? Why?
  • What are the biggest clichés of Berlin?
  • Could you find out on Google who Leonardo di Caprio is related to?
  • Do you know any famous songs from Justin Timberlake?
  • How’s Las Vegas like?
  • How’s Shanghai like?
  • Who is most likely to hold their breath the longest as it possible: a saleswoman or a chef?
  • Do you know Jin Yong? Could you name some books from this author?
  • Can you explain the following saying: A penny for your thoughts?
  • Which meal do you think is OK to skip: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
  • Do you owe anybody money now?
  • Which country are you from?
  • What dish from Irish cuisine would you like to taste?
  • Are there many people in your family?
  • Can you point to your colleague's pupil?
  • Who is most likely to have the most piercings: a politician or a flight attendant?
  • Who sings better: Anitta or Gustavo Lima?
  • Have you ever read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from J. K. Rowling?
  • Have you ever had any sleeping issues?
  • When is the best time in the year to visit Berlin?
  • Language: Random