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Difficulty: Random
  • How is an Aquarius like?
  • Do you know Patricia Cornwell? Could you name some books from this author?
  • Do you know where Portugal is?
  • What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?
  • Est-ce que tu payerais pour vivre plus ?
  • Who cooks in your house everyday?
  • Is there a day in the week in which you drink more soda?
  • Do you prefer espresso or brewed coffee?
  • Do you know what is a parsec?
  • What do you know about José Wilker's career?
  • What are the most common seasonings and spices in Irish cuisine?
  • Do you follow Lázaro Ramos on Facebook?
  • Do you know where Spain is?
  • What are some examples of beverages from Russian cuisine?
  • Is having a cereal bowl for breakfast would even be considered having a meal or is it just a breakfast snack?
  • Can you explain the following saying: Big Easy - The?
  • How would you teach someone to swim?
  • What are some examples of savory dishes from Portuguese cuisine?
  • Do you think you should play more sports?
  • Do you like listening to Flo Rida?
  • Language: Random